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Administrative Penalties

The City Council approved and adopted the Administrative Penalty Ordinance 641-06 on June 5th, 2006, which allows the City to impose fines upon residents that violate City Code/Ordinances. 

A warning letter describing the violation and the possible penalty fee will be mailed at first notice of the violation. If future complaints are received or it is found that the violation has not been corrected after the warning letter, a citation will be issued.

Citizens have 7 days to pay the citation fee or request an Administrative Hearing to dispute the violation.  If no request for a hearing is made, payment must be made in 7 days.

Under provisions of the Administrative Fine Ordinance #641, the fine will double for every 7 days the citation fee remains unpaid.

Citations will be submitted to District Court after the 2nd penalty.

The Hearing Officer has authority to dismiss, reduce or waive citations.

         Dispositions will be in writing from Hearing Officer.