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Hinckley Volunteer Fire Department

Volunteers Needed!                                       


Emergency: dial 911

Non-emergency: 320-384-7491 Ext. 1700


Fire Chief: Elliot Golly 

Asst. Chief: Greg Pardun

Captain: Bill Chose, Brad Hopkins, Tony Steel, Mike Defenbaugh

Secretary: Joann Hopkins

Training Officer: Mike Defenbaugh



(A) Pursuant to Minnesota State Statute §366.011, 366.012, and 415.01 the City of Hinckley Fire Department bills for each call that it is dispatched to. The bill is sent to the party that received the emergency services, whether they requested the service or not. The charge shall be at the rate set on the city fee schedule adopted from time to time. 

(B) (1) Parties requesting and receiving emergency services may be billed directly by the city. Additionally, if the party receiving emergency services did not request services but a fire or other situation exists which, at the discretion of the Fire Department personnel in charge, requires emergency service, the party will be charged and billed. All parties will be billed whether or not the emergency service is covered by insurance. Any billable amount of the fire emergency charge not covered by a party's insurance remains a debt of the party receiving the emergency service. 

      (2) Parties billed for emergency service will have 60 days to pay. If the emergency service charge is not paid by that time, it will be considered delinquent and the city will send a notice of delinquency.

      (3) If the emergency service charge remains unpaid for 30 days after this notice of delinquency is sent, the city will use all practical and reasonable legal means to collect the emergency service charge. The party receiving emergency service shall be liable for all collection costs incurred by the city including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney fees and court costs.

      (4) If the emergency service charge remains unpaid for 30 days after the notice of delinquency is sent, the City Council may also, on or before October 15th of each year, certify the unpaid emergency service charge to the County Auditor in which the recipient of the services owns real property for collection with property taxes. The County Auditor is responsible for remitting to the city all charges collected on behalf of the city. The city must give the property owner notice of its intent to certify the unpaid emergency service charge by September 15th. 

      (5) False alarms will be billed as an emergency call or charged a rate set on the city fee schedule.

      (6) When the City Fire Department provides emergency service to another fire department pursuant to a mutual aid agreement, the billing will be determined by the mutual aid agreement.

      (7) All collected fire emergency charges will be city funds and used to offset the expenses of the City Fire Department in providing fire emergency services.